Øyvind Hollo-Klausen

Øyvind Hollo-Klausen

Terez Hollo-Klausen Photo: Jan Inge Haga

Terez Hollo-Klausen
Photo: Jan Inge Haga

Anna Kron Film AS

Anna Kron Film AS focus on projects with an international approach, and we are motivated by high quality and innovative stories. With audience in mind we look for the right platform for each project, and we develop formats such as feature films, TV series, documentaries and shorts.

CEO Øyvind Hollo-Klausen on IMDB

Producer Terez Hollo-Klausen on IMDB
Producer Teréz Hollo-Klausen has worked as Producer in the Oslo-based production company Cinenord, including "Totally True Love" (directed by Sundance-winner Anne Sewitsky). She holds a Masters of Art degree from the University of Oslo, and in addition to producing she is a member of the expert panel of The Audio and Visual Fund (Fond for lyd og bilde) at The Arts Council. Member of the European Film Academy (EFA). Former Producer on the Move (2014).

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